With over 1,000,000 people currently relying on Michigan’s Food Bank Network and an increasing amount of budget cuts taking affect in public schools, Royal Hoax and Gleaners came together in late 2008 with one sole purpose: to feed the hungry while keeping music alive in the public education system.

Royal Hoax has donated OVER 35,000 MEALS to Gleaners by performing and selling their merchandise at over 40 high schools and colleges in the metro-Detroit area. Royal Hoax is already well underway to raising 20,000 meals in 2013, and plans to raise ANOTHER 100,000 meals as they expand their tour across the country next year.



With Royal Hoax's reputation of providing an engaging, dynamic, and energetic live show, the band is confident that they will continue to make a SIGNIFICANT IMPACT on the fight against hunger, along with continuing to keep the arts alive in public education.




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